Songjiang, Shanghai’s southwest gateway, is located in the epicenter of Yangtze River Delta region. At the cutting edge of Shanghai’s history and culture, it has many titles under its belt like “Root of Shanghai”, “Apex of Shanghai”, “Head of Huangpu River”, “Town of Garden” and “Capital of Universities”.
Prime location, facilities, resources and environment make Songjiang an ideal district for conference services. Songjiang’s position as Shanghai’s “Conference Valley” is becoming increasingly obvious.
With Disneyland to its east and Mount Sheshan to its west, Songjiang is part and parcel of Shanghai’s ambition to become an appealing world tourist destination and China’s exemplary tourist zone that boasts great nature and a wide range of cultural attractions.
Songjiang is easily accessible by a lattice of good highways, two running south-north and three east-west, including Shanghai-Kunming (G60), Shanghai-Chongqing (G50), Shenjiahu (S32), Shenyang-Haikou (G15) and Shanghai City Highway (1501). Shanghai-Hangzhou bullet trains, Shanghai-Kunming Railway, National Road 320 and Huangpu River (with water transportation services) run through the district. Metro Line 9 links directly to downtown. Songjiang is 18km from the National Convention & Exhibition Center, 20km from Hongqiao Airport, 40km from People’s Square, and 60km from Pudong Airport.
Songjiang is one of Shanghai’s districts that boast a wide range of excellent facilities for meeting services. Songjiang has 500 hotels, of which 52 offer 100 guestrooms with a total of 35,000 beds. Of these hotels, three are five-star, 3 are four-star, and over 10 have all kinds of excellent meeting facilities, including over 120 meeting rooms and conference halls of different sizes. Five high-end properties like Shimao Shenkeng Hotel and Hilton will be completed and open their doors soon.
Songjiang is home to Sheshan National Holiday Resort, the only of the kind in Shanghai. Songjiang National Forest Park, Chenshan Botanical Garden and Huangpujiang Groves make Songjiang southwest Shanghai’s biggest “Green Lung” with high a content of anions. Songjiang has garnered a number of prestigious awards and titles like “International Garden City Golden Award”, “United Nations Most Habitable Model Award” and “China National Green Garden City”.
Songjiang boasts many cultural, historical and natural sites. Shanghai Happy Valley, Moon Lake Sculptures Park, Fangtayuan, Shanghai Film Park, Zuibaichi, Songjiang University Zone and Thames Town make for a tonic stroll after a meeting.
Known as breadbasket since ancient times, Songjiang is a muster point of distinctive culinary creations. Songjiang Sculpin, one of China’s four most celebrated fish dishes, used to be a favorite of Qing dynasty’s emperor Qianlong. Songjiang’s rice and pears are farm produce from the National Geographical Mark Protection Mode Zone. Other typical local foods include Huangpu River king crabs, Sheshan pears, Caochangbang red water chestnuts, Yexie soft sticky cakes, Zhangze Mutton, Lanhua Eggplant and Southern Huangpu eco-farm produce.
Shanghai Happy Valley
Add: 888 Linhu Road, Songjiang, Shanghai
Tel: 021-33552222
The 900,000sqm 4A-class dynamic, chic large amusement park is a great project to develop the themes of “fun and fantasy”. With its electrifying rides and dreamlike attractions, Happy Valley Shanghai is China's most appealing urban entertainment center. It contains 7 zones including Sunshine Beach, Happy Times, Typhoon Bay, Gold Mine Town, Ant Kingdom, Shanghai Beach and Shangri-la Woods.
Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden
Add: 3888 Chenhua Road, Songjiang, Shanghai
Tel: 021-37792288-800
It has various zones dedicated to the display and cultivation of plants from all parts of the world. It spans an area of 21,000sqm and boasts three sections of greenhouse which rank among the largest in Asia.
Shanghai Sheshan National Forest Park
Add: 9258 Qingsong Road, Sheshan Town, Songjiang District
Tel: 021-57657231
The 4A-class mountainous destination extends for 13.2km and occupies an area of 4sqm. It has 9 peaks and 12 mountains, including East Sheshan, West Sheshan, Tianmashan and Xiaokunshan which are now open to visitors. This back garden of Shanghai is a great destination for sightseers, leisure-seekers and pilgrims.
Shanghai Moon Lake Sculptures Park
Add: 1158 Linyinxin Road, Songjiang, Shanghai
Tel: 021-57798090
This art amusement park treats public visitors to a bonanza of modern sculptures, nature and visual arts by exploring the theme of “Back to nature in an artistic environment”. The park which covers 870,000 square meters in area features a big lake which catches the reflections of surrounding works of art and appealing buildings. The banks of the lake are given four interesting names that respond to four seasons.
Shanghai Xuelang Lake Bio-garden
Add: 100, Lane 699, Hucao Road, Xinbang Town, Songjiang, Shanghai
Tel: 021- 23099999
It’s Shanghai’s first outdoor hot spring holiday resort and biological garden. Best visited for its hot springs, it’s a great option for sightseers, holidaymakers and nongjiale (farm stay) aficionados.
Wushe Agriculture Leisure and Sightseeing Garden
Add: National Ecological Water Conservancy Scenic Zone, Maogang Town, Songjiang, Shanghai
Tel: 021- 57877988
This 2sqkm national modern agricultural tourism model park is a great place for travelers who want to get a lowdown on all aspects of agritourism like eco-agriculture, agricultural sightseeing, farming, planting , eco-cuisine and outdoor experiences. It features a wide range of attractions like Cultivation Hall, Wushe Farm, Xiangwei Rose Garden, Honghua Garden, Qingfang Garden, Freen Village Hotel and Maotian Wetland. Those who are interested in physical labor for a short time can roll up their sleeves and go into the fields and orchards to harvest the fruits.
Fangtayuan (4A)
Add: 235 Zhongshan East Road, Songjiang, Shanghai
Tel: 021-57832621
Sitting on the former site of an ancient marketplace, this 12,000sqm garden is a perfect showcase of Shanghai’s history and culture. Created in 1978, it boasts the largest number of ancient attractions. With its ponds, hills, paths, bamboo groves, ancient massive trees and ancient buildings, the park offers many interesting and charming vistas and make for a perfect cultural stroll.
Zuibaichi (3A)
Add: Lane 87 Songhui Road, Songjiang, Shanghai
Tel: 021-67853551
One of Shanghai’s five most visited Chinese classic gardens, 5-hectare Zuibaichi Park dates from the Song dynasty of the 9th century when it was the private home of a local scholar named Zhu Zhichun. The property changed hands and was extended many times during the many centuries to follow. In the 17th century, Qing artist Gu Dashen had it renovated and enlarged and used it as a place for throwing parties. Today, with its lush vegetation and pavilions, terraces, halls and stone boats, the garden offers a rash of interesting and charming vistas.
Shanghai Film Park (3A)
Add: 4915 Beisong Road, Chedun Town, Songjiang, Shanghai
Tel: 021-57601166/57600439
This 430,000sqm eye-opening theme park is a throwback to the old Shanghai and a great site for film shoots, sightseeing and education.
Thames Town
Add: Lane 900, Sanxin North Road, Songjiang, Shanghai
Tel: 021- 67810008
This is a large neighborhood taking its cues from the River Thames in England. It’s located on the bank of Huating Lake, a new urban zone, and covers 1sqkm. As Songjiang’s stylish landmark, the town is a residential area and offers many options for art buffs, shoppers, leisure seekers and diners.
Shanghai Tianma Circuit
Add: 3000 Shenzhuan Road, Songjiang, Shanghai
Tel: 021- 57669090
With race tracks accredited by FIA, the athletic leisure center is available for rental for events, promotions, PR and test drive.
Guangfulin Ruins
Add: 2999 Guangfulin Road, Songjiang, Shanghai
The 1sqkm-cultural site has been put under the government protection. It contains over 20 theme museums as well as eating establishments and hotels. Good for the culture-minded tourists, leisure-seekers, meeting planners and holidaymakers. To be opened in 2018.
The Yuluxe Sheshan Shanghai A Tribute Portfolio Hotel
Add: 1288 Linyinxin Road, Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort
Tel: 021-57799999
Located by the shore of Moon Lake, Sheshan, the 5-star hotel affords charming vistas that make your stay here an unrivaled experience. It’s outfitted with world-class meeting and banquet facilities that measure 4,500sqm in total, meeting your various needs. It has 18 banquet halls and multi-functional halls, including 1770sqm pillar-less Grand Ballroom, 720sqm pillar-less Auditorium and Wedding Pavilion, accommodating a breadth of event requirements.
Sofitel Sheshan Oriental Shanghai (5-star)
Add: Lane 3388, Sichen Road, Sijing Town, Songjiang, Shanghai
Tel: 021-37618888
The 5-star hotel is located north of Sheshan National Tourist Resort of elegant Toscana architecture. A number of restaurants and bars of different styles create the best vibe for great foods and palates. Its large conference center can accommodate 1200 guests, a prime choice for meetings, business parties and holidaymaking.
Songjiang New Century Grand Hotel Shanghai
Add: 1799 Renmin North Road, Songjiang, Shanghai
Tel: 021-37668888
The easily accessible five-star property in a beautiful setting impresses with its regal and elegant exterior, and has become an icon of the international metropolis with its oriental cultural elements and international service standards. It’s outfitted with a wide range of state-of-the-art meeting facilities, and has been a frequent venue for high-end parties.
Fuyue Hotel Shanghai
Add: Lane 208, Rongyue Road, Songjiang, Shanghai (to the east of Wanda Plaza)
Tel: 021-37688888
The hotel, whose star rating is to be decided, is great for business travelers and holidaymakers. It boasts the largest lobby among all of Shanghai’s hotels and 1000 deluxe guestrooms. It houses trendy, posh and well-appointed meeting rooms of different sizes, a premier place for business meetings. The hotel’s meeting service professionals can always make sure that your celebrations, business talks, branded product exhibitions or fashion shows can be a great success.
Huiyou Grand Hotel Shanghai
Add: 765 Wencheng Road, Songjiang, Shanghai
Tel: 021-37662666
The 4-star hotel affords the charming views of Thames Town. High meeting service standards make business travelers feel at home. The hotel offers a total of 172 guestrooms, including 114 double rooms, 42 single rooms and 11 suites. All rooms have wired and wireless Internet connection. With facilities for simultaneous interpretation, wireless Internet connection and teleconferencing, the hotel can meet the needs of various business meetings.
The Qube Hotel Xinqiao Shanghai
Add: 628 Mingxing Road, Songjiang, Shanghai
Tel: 021-23098888
Constructed by Greenland Group and managed by Greenland International Hotel Group, the 4-star hotel offers 212 deluxe guestrooms and a wide range of facilities for business and leisure travelers. Its posh event venues are great for big events, banquets and wedding celebrations.
Shanghai Sheshan Forest Hotel
Add: 9259 Waiqingsong Road, Sheshan, Songjiang, Shanghai
Tel: 021-57716666
Located on the eastern hill of Sheshan National Tourist Zone, it’s a cluster of10 standalone villas which blend in perfectly with nature and convey a palpable cultural sense of place. The 3-star hotel contains 5 well-appointed meeting rooms of different sizes which can accommodate 10-400 people. Professional staff are always on the site for help. Great for business meetings.
Lan Sun Mountain Villas
Add: 9269 Waiqingsong Road, Songjiang, Shanghai
Tel: 021-57651170
Nestled at the foothill of Mount Sheshan, set in a tranquil environment and easily accessible, the 3-star hotel offers a total of 87 guestrooms and basic meeting facilities, meeting the needs of business meetings, training and exhibitions.
Shanghai Zhigen Xuelanghu Resort
Add: 100 Lane 699, Hucao Road, Xinbang Town, Songjiang, Shanghai
Tel: 021-23099999
The 5-star resort is a perfect option for meeting planners, leisure seekers, holidaymakers, shoppers and those who are looking for farm stay (nongjiale). It’s a large ecological wonderland in a charming, rural setting.
Shanghai Yayuan Garden Holiday Hotel
Add: 1288 Xucun Road, Xinbang Town, Songjiang, Shanghai
Tel: 021-57897777
This well-appointed hotel of typical southern China garden style for holidaymakers boasts 3 meeting rooms of different sizes and one restaurant that can accommodate 220 diners, meeting the needs of various events.
Homa Moon Lake
Add: No. 158 Shebei Road, Sheshan, Songjiang District
Tel: 021-33558888
Homa Moon Lake is located on Dong’an (Winter Bank) of Siji Shui’an (Four-Season Water) in the Moon Lake Sculpture Park. This one-of-a-kind complex is set against lush rolling hills and fronted by a lake whose ripples catch the reflections of the beautiful environment. It has 7 meeting rooms, the biggest of which measures 750sqm and can accommodate 700 people. The meeting rooms are equipped with advanced equipment and can be divided into different spaces for various meetings.
Shanghai Baolong Garden Hotel Shanghai
Add: 6 Yushu North Road, Songjiang, Shanghai
Tel: 021-37702330/37702466
Abutting on Thames Town, the hotel has a white coating reminiscent of typical European architecture. Its interior décor feels comfy. Rooms are conceived to let in as much natural light as possible and afford great views. It has a total of 95 guestrooms. It restaurant can accommodate nearly 1000 people and is outfitted with basic meeting facilities that can meet the needs of various meetings.
Shanghai Dazhong International Conference Center
Add: 1515 Shetiankun Road, Songjiang, Shanghai
Tel: 021-57795555
Ideally located within Sheshan National Tourist Zone, the center offers 210 guestrooms of various kinds, including 180 deluxe double rooms, 22 deluxe single rooms, 3 deluxe suites, and 5 family rooms. It also has 15 meetings rooms of various sizes, the biggest of which is Golden Hall for 500 people.
Holiday Inn Shanghai Songjiang
Add: 83 Zhongshan Middle Road, Songjiang, Shanghai
Tel: 021-37859999
Located in the bustling commercial zone of Songjiang District, the hotel is a short hop from large shopping malls and historical sites. Outfitted with intelligent systems, its guestrooms guarantee both business and leisure travelers a pleasant experience. Its meeting spaces measure 1,200sqm in total and boast first-rate modern facilities, meeting the needs of big events and banquets.
Pujiangyuan Hot Spring Forest Resort
Add: 455 Luzhuang Road, Huangqiao, Maogang Town, Songjiang, Shanghai
Tel: 021-57866005/57868222
Located in Huangqiao billed as one of China’s most beautiful villages for leisure seekers, the resort is China’s first of the kind with natural hot springs. It’s great for overnight stays, dining, meetings, hot spring baths, outdoor activities, leisure and physical farm labor.
Days Hotel Honglou Shanghai
Add: 318 Songhui Middle Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai
Tel: 021-37827878
The ingeniously designed 4-star hotel is a blend of the Chinese and western architectural elements. Ideally located and easily accessible, it’s an oasis of calm amidst the urban hustle and bustle. A prime choice for many business travelers, it offers a total of 306 guestrooms and is outfitted with advanced meeting facilities and devices, meeting the needs of various business meetings, training and exhibitions.
Shanghai Jinfeng International Hotel
Add: 237 Ronghai Road, Songjiang, Shanghai
Tel: 021-67693666/57697777
The 4-star hotel offers dining options, guestrooms, meeting facilities and tourist services. It’s adjacent to the famous University Town, Central Eco Commercial Ring and Shanghai-Hangzhou Highway and is in close proximity to Sheshan National Tourist Zone.
Liston Hotel Shanghai
Add: 610 Lane 900, Sanxin North Road, Songjiang, Shanghai
Tel: 021-37721998
Located in the Huating Lake Wharf of Thames Town, Songjiang New City, the hotel is ringed by European architecture of different periods and styles like Goethe and Byzantine buildings and even a Saint Paul Cathedral of Britain patterned on its original incarnation.
Vienna International Hotel, Songjiang, Shanghai
Add: 1515 Renmin North Road, Songjiang, Shanghai
Tel: 021-37783888
The hotel is conceived to tie in well with Vienna’s time-honored tradition of music and reflect customers’ fine tastes. It offers two 200sqm ballrooms and three conference halls of different sizes, all of which is outfitted with state-of-the-art video and audio systems. Impeccable services from the hotel’s professional staff are always close at hand, helping plan events with attention to all details in the process, ensuring that all meetings and conferences can he held without a glitch.
Xue Yuan Hotel Shanghai
Add: 3499 Guangfulin Road, Songjiang, Shanghai
Tel: 021-37780808
Comfy business guestrooms of minimalist European style coupled with Shanghai’s typical countryside cuisine give you respite from the urban hustle. The hotel has 5 well-appointed meeting rooms of different sizes and a 468sqm-ballroom. A great choice for holidaymakers and corporate meeting/training planners.
Happy Valley Shanghai
Add: 888 Linhu Road, Songjiang, Shanghai
Tel: 021-37792222-1312
Shanghai Happy Valley is China's largest and most technologically advanced theme park, China's most appealing urban entertainment center, a "dynamic, chic, passionate” section of the bustling metropolis, a ticket to fun and thrills, a paradise for fun and thrill seekers. In addition to its electrifying rides and dreamlike attractions that put visitors on a high, it also boasts some distinctive meeting venues. Its Arthur Banquet Hal which can accommodate 700 people is a great venue for meetings, banquets and performances. Its VIP private rooms can accommodate 80 people and 1100 diners. Its Huaqiaocheng Theater is a professional one that can accommodate 4000 people.
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